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Stevan Plinck's Serak Series

The secrets of Pukulan Pentjak Serak Silat.

Now on DVD.

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Stevan Plinck's               
                 Serak Series

Learn the devastating martial art
Pukulan Pentjak Serak Silat
from internationally known and respected
Guru Stevan Plinck
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By J. Omar Daggy
    Guru Stevan Plinck and a small cadre of his students began filming the Serak Series just a few months after 9-11 in the martial arts studio of Steve Larson in Longview, Washington.  The students included Steven Barnes, fitness expert and best selling author, screen writer, who's teleplay "A Stitch in Time" earned an Emmy Award for the Outer Limits television series, and who's novel "Star Wars The Cestus Deception" for Lucas Film debuted at 22 on the New York Times best-sellers list; guru Narin Latthitiam, who's marital arts skills are featured in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies; Steve Perry, author of Tom Clancy's Op Center books, whose  own novel, "Star Wars Shadows of the Empire" became one of the best
 selling Star Wars books ever published; filmmaker and award winning writer, Horace J. Digby, winner of the Robert Benchley Society Award; and other gifted and talented students of guru Stevan Plinck.  
    In each tape of this series guru Plinck shares the same techniques and thought process that has made him a sought-after teacher of Pukulan Pentjak Serak Silat in the US, Europe and Asia.  This tape series doesn't settle for just teaching technique, or forms.  Guru Plinck uses it as a platform to teach understanding and perspective.  They say, "experience is the best teacher."  In the Serak Series, Guru Stevan Plinck shares the experience it has taken a lifetime of
dedication and practice to acquire.  Guru

Stevan Plinck actually accomplishes this goal repeatedly as he shares his own insights he has learned from the masters, over many years as a Silat player. 
Guru Stevan Plinck
    Each tape in this series distills and more importantly TEACHES important facets of Silat and indeed, many other martial arts.  
    "Whether your martial art is Silat or not, my intent in these videos is to provide you with the most valuable information that I can provide.  It is my
hope that these tapes will go beyond anything else available for learning and improving your martial art."  -- Guru Stevan Plinck. 
    At Lexington Film, we hope you get all you can out of Steven Plinck's Serak Series.  The goal of this ?  project is to provide a comprehensive teaching  learning and practice tool for Silat players everywhere. 
       JOmar  Daggy
               J. Omar Daggy, 
                   Lexington Film, LLC.

Stevan Plinck's Serak Series

  Now Available on DVD from Lexington Film.


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