Jim Richardson
One of America's Leading Stand-Up Comedy and Presentation Coaches,
    Jim Richardson is one of America's leading humor, stand-up comedy and public speaking coaches, with a background spanning nearlyJim Richardson - Leading Humor and Public Presentation Coach -  Key-Note Speaker - Audio portion of this presentation:    2006, Lexington Film, LLC,  All rights reserved.  No unauthorized duplication permitted.  Photo  Jim Richardson, All rights reserved, Used here with permission.  four decades in keynote speaking, theater,Click Here to Listen tp Part 1. (As to the audio portion of this presentation:    2006, Lexington Film, LLC,  "All rights reserved.  No unauthorized duplication permitted." public speaking, Stand-Up Comedy Workshops and coaching speakers and performers.  
    Jim holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon University,Click Here to Listen tp Part 2. (As to the audio portion of this presentation:    2006, Lexington Film, LLC,  "All rights reserved.  No unauthorized duplication permitted." and a Bachelors Degree in English and Minor in Television and Film Direction from San Francisco State University.  He was awarded The NDEA Fellowship in Playwriting at Carnegie-Mellon University, and hasClick Here to Listen to Part 3 (As to the audio portion of this presentation:    2006, Lexington Film, LLC,  "All rights reserved.  No unauthorized duplication permitted." conducted Ph.D. Studies and Research at Carnegie-Mellon and Harvard Universities. 
    Jim Richardson not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk, too, having given hundreds speeches, classes, seminars and consulting sessions, creating over 1,200 pages of workbooks and 21 hours of recorded audio for his coaching and instruction programs.  Jim has written over 200 stage, film and stand-up comedy reviews for the San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle and other publications, produced comedy shows at hundreds of professional comedy venues, and created the first college-level, for-credit stand-up comedy course in America.  His private clients include award winning stand-up comedians, Emmy award winning television personalities, actors, and leaders in fields such as religion, law, politics and business.  
     From 1981 through 1983, Jim had the invaluable experience of conducting weekend Comedy Marathon Contests for beginning comedians.  He organized and led a total of 48 of these four-hour-long contests, one every six weeks.  

    Each Comedy Marathon consisted of:
      a)  Four Mini-Contests: three to five minutes each, on a specific topic: 
Improvisations;  Impressions;  Topical Monologue;  etc., with different topics rotating each month;
      b) a main Five-Minute Monologue Contest consisting of ten judging categories and with available points spread evenly between Writing and Delivery. 

    To prepare them for all five contests, Jim's students were required to create 18 minutes of new original material every six weeks.

    As judges for these competitions, Jim invited top radio, television and print media professionals from San Francisco and California's North Coast. 

    Comedians came from a wide area to compete, but when the dust cleared, Jim Richardson's students won 47 out of 48  competitions, giving convincing proof that Jim's academic approach to developing comics was faster, better, more efficient, and ultimately more successful for the comics, than the traditional open mic system.  There was something special about Jim Richardson's coaching, and as word spread professional comedians began hiring Jim as their coach. 

    Here's what just a few of Jim's professional clients and friends have to say:
    "Jim, I've got to hand it to you:  it really works.  What a feeling!  I was able to hold one laugh for 25 seconds.  Thank you. 
-- Ross Shafer, Emmy-Award-Winning Entertainer, Television Host of The Match Game, Fox TV's The Late Show
    "It's about a lot more than just writing jokes.  Jim also helps you choreograph them.  He's what you want: not just a coach, but a scholar and historian.  Someone who really knows the subject."
 -- David Feldman, Emmy-Award-Winning Writer, for HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, Dennis Miller Live, and HBO's Dennis Miller Show
    "Jim Richardson's comedy class helped me prepare and execute a comedy routine that won the $100,000 grand prize in the comedy division of Ed McMahon's Star Search."
-- Taylor Mason, Award-Winning Comedian, ten times on NBC's The Today Show, Star of his own television show, Taylor's Attic
    "Jim, I couldn't have won the 1981 San Francisco and National Comedy Competitions broadcast on Showtime cable TV without you!"
-- Ronn Lucas, Ventriloquist, many times on The Tonight Show, Stared in his own Disney Channel Special, a Las Vegas regular.  
    "Jim wants you to think only of being a headliner . . .  It worked for me:  I've won contests and had appearances on national television.  I'm now a comedy headliner!" 
-- Del Van Dyke, Comedian, It's Showtime at the Apollo, MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour, Showtime Comedy Club Network, Black Entertainment Television's Comedy Hour, Comic's View, ABC's George Schlatter's Comedy Club, A&E's Good Time Cafe, Winner of the 1986 Great Northern California Comedy Competition, the 1987 Spokane Comedy Competition, the 1992 Alameda Comedy Competition. 
    "Jim Richardson's website, www.jimrichardson.com, is loaded with tips, tutorials, techniques, and tricks of the trade not only for comedians, but for any public speaker who needs to give presentations that count.  I've been a professional presenter for years, and the six hours I've spent with Jim Richardson's website (so far) has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of my career." 
-- Horace J. Digby, Writer, Filmmaker and Broadcast Host, Winner of The Robert Benchley Society Award For Humor. 
    Jim's website teaches you: how to tell jokes, how to write jokes, how to handle hecklers, how to use proper stage mechanics to choreograph your presentation, how to give interviews, and much much more, FREE, at www.jimrichardson.com
    Jim Richardson's coaching, consultations and prepared teaching materials go way beyond the basics that others may teach, to train you in professional arts such as:  How to Write "Tight" comedy;  How to Keep it Original;  How to Develop Unique  Characterization;  How to Make Audiences Like You (even more than they do now);  How to Express Your Personal View;  How to make your presentation Topical;  How to Deliver Your Presentation;  Physical Techniques for Getting Your Points Across;  How To Take the Stage;  How to Make Your Performance Local, Relevant and Intelligent; and How to Perform With Variety of Format and Content; and even more.   
    You can learn more about Jim Richardson at: http://www.jimrichardson.com
    You can contact Jim Richardson at: jim@jimrichardson.com.
    You can visit Jim Richardson on MySpace at: www.myspace.com/comedy_organized